• Sunday December 4th

    11:30 am - 7:00 pm

    Arts Estuary 1024 Elysian Fields

  • A ticket to the Dream Caravan includes:

    2 Workshops Facilitated by Experienced dreamworkers
    1 Lecture by local poet and master dreamworker Rodger Kamenetz
    A FREE One on One Dream Consultation
    A Divine and Dreamy poetry reading featuring Niyi Osundare, Brit Estep, Elizabeth Gross, Rodrigo Toscano and Bill Lavender
    A Shamanic Dream Journey led by Kezia Vida
    ...and a LIVE CONCERT by Local Band Fever Dreams



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  • Workshops/Events at the 2016 Caravan

    Dreaming into the Mystery

    How can we help those at end of life experience the

    support and healing found in their dreams and visions?

    with Mary Jo Heyen

    In this workshop, participants will hear experiences from a hospice volunteer working with the dreams of patients, families and grief groups. Topics include how it is to be with the dreams and visions of the dying and suggestions for how, clergy, family and caregivers can honor the dreams of their dying and help them find comfort and healing at this sacred threshold.

    Dream Awakening

    Embodied Contemplative Practices from Dreams

    With Kathy Samworth and Marian Gay

    In this workshop we will explore devotional practices arising from the sacred encounters in dreams. Contemplation of image, feeling, gesture and voice can help our bodies and hearts open to the dream presences who come to heal, teach, and love us. We’ll share experiential practices and have time for reflection.

    Finding Stillpoint

    A tribute to Marion Woodman​ w/ Keren Vishny


    Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman gifted our generation with a deeper understanding of feminine psychology and the spiritual causes of addictions. She also taught about Stillpoint- the intersection of Time and the Timeless, Spirit and Matter that helps us heal and grow.

    Keren will share her experience working with Marion, and teach about Stillpoint through discussion and meditations with sound and movement.

    Bringing the Power of Dreams to 12 Step Recovery Work

    W/ Laura Smith and Michelle MacNeil

    Find out how dreams can support 12 step recovery work in this engaging 1 hour introductory workshop led by Laura Smith and Michelle MacNeil, Dreamwork Practitioners who work with dreams to help individuals find a personal connection to higher power and discover the deeper truths of what life in recovery can be.

    Restoring Impaired Imagination

    Healing Images in Dreams and Poetry w/ Rodger Kamenetz

    In this lecture, Rodger will introduce Natural Dreamwork and the ways that it can be used to identify the most potent healing images in dreams. From there, we'll discuss how images that can be used, as Wordsworth said, to heal the impaired imagination, in the same ways that poetry can.

    Dream Poetry Reading

    Dive deep into the link between dreams and poetry at this reading.

    Our fourth annual dream poetry reading is a special gathering of poets who in their work address the mysterious relationship between the images and presences in poems and in dreams. Hosted by Rodger Kamenetz, the poets who will read include: Bill Lavender, Elizabeth Gross, Rodrigo Toscano, Brit Estep, and Niyi Osundare.

    Journey Into the Dream Realm

    An exploration in bringing lucidity to your dream state

    with Kezia Vida

    How can becoming more conscious in and of our dream selves help us achieve a greater state of awareness in our waking state? In this experiential workshop, dreamers will take a journey into their dreamworlds with the aid of shamanic drumming and dream inducing teas, and come away with tangible tools of how to bring their dreamworld into waking life.

    Fever Dreams

    We'll finish the dreamy day with the amazing NOLA-based band Fever Dreams

    Fever Dreams is a visceral landscape of sound that touches on expressions of Folk, Soul, Pop and Middle Eastern melodies. Based out of New Orleans, The nine piece band is a diverse artistic collaboration of feminine expression and has been described as sex positive, body positive, divine feminist, queered up priestess pop.

  • Vendors / Onsite Healers

    Healing Services, Heartwarming Foods, and Spiritual Vending Will Be Offered by those Listed Below

    An esoteric arts school based in New Orleans, NOSEA will be back for another year with amazing books, crystals, and lots of other healing items that you can check out here.

    GypsiJars was created by Candace 'Gypsi' Lewis with the intention to make Cleopatra-style baths and other skin products available without harmful chemicals, dyes, or fragrances.

    Asc3nsion Art, LLC is a holistic healing and wellness business owned by Ellenie Cruz. Ellenie is a Full circle community healer and offers a variety of services ranging from Reiki, Crystal healing, Flower Essences and other energy work to nutrition, Doula/Birthwork and herbalism.

    Emerge: Artisan Juicery

    Culinary wizard Melodie Carbuccia will offer up dream-inducing foods and fresh artisan juices.

  • Presenters

    The Dream Caravan has coordinated a gifted team of dream teachers and thinkers to provide a diverse and holistic look at dreams and their role in society. 

    Rodger Kamenetz


    Rodger Kamenetz is the author of 11 books of poetry and prose, among them The History of Last Night's Dream, The Jew in the Lotus and To Die Next To You. His work on dreams was featured on Oprah's Soul Series. He teaches dreamwork and writes poetry in New Orleans.

    Kezia Vida


    Kezia Vida has been studying and working with her dreams intensely for almost 9 years, and been working with clients for the past 4 years. She coordinates numerous dream related events each year, including dream classes and the annual NOLA Dream Retreat and Dream Caravan. You can find her writing and much more at her website below.

    Website: http://keziavida.com/

    Mary Jo Heyen

    Author of the dream primer, "Who are Those Guys?", Mary Jo's work with dreams includes being a hospice volunteer working with the dreams and visions of patients and families. Mary Jo has a Masters Degree in Education and teaches a variety of dream-related workshops, including Dreaming into the Mystery and Integrating Dreamwork and Meditation.

    Keren Vishny


    Keren Vishny, M.D. practices Natural Dreamwork and Mind-Body Medicine in Wilmette, Illinois . She is a Dreamwork student of Rodger Kamenetz and is also affiliated with the Marion Woodman Foundation and the CG Jung Center in Evanston Illinois.

    Laura Smith

    Laura Smith is an Archetypal Dreamwork practitioner who facilitates a conversation between dreamers and their dreams to explore the limitless possibilities the dreams have to offer for healing, feeling, self-understanding, and transformation. She brings her own personal experience and work in addiction recovery.

    Marian Enochs Gay

    Marian Enochs Gay (MAT in English) is a practitioner of Natural Dreamwork. She has been immersed in her own dreamwork journey since 2009 with dream teacher Rodger Kamenetz. A student of contemplative practices, she’s devoted to sharing ways to experience and live the healing and loving presences in dreams.

    Kathy Samworth

    In 2009, Kathy began the life changing experience of dreamwork. Since then, under the guidance of her dream teacher Rodger Kamenetz, she continues to be awakened to long forgotten soul places within her. Her life continues to grow richer as she allows her soul’s expression of creativity, voice and feeling to emerge.



    Michelle MacNeil is an Experiential Dreamwork practitioner who guides dreamers in exploring their dreams’ gifts of healing, insight, transformation, and possibility. She has worked with dreams and in dream groups for 22 years. She collaborated on the video “Telling Dreams” and is working on second video about the dreams of those who have passed. She is an architect, community builder, and artist healer.

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